August 7, 2012

Journey of Orkes Akiuku on May

May is a BIG day for Orkes Akiuku. Earlier of the month of May, Orkes Akiuku has been invited to do an interview with KKFM at UMS about their first album.

The next BIG thing for May is on the 24th May 2012 it is the day of Orkes Akiuku First Album Launch! Their first CD titled "One Love". It was held at La Fuente, 1Borneo. Together with Ridah Malanjang's second album titled "Yang Kedua". Richado Tawith is the producer of both Ridah and Orkes Akiuku. Family and friends of Richado, Ridah and Orkes Akiuku are to be seen that night. It was a successful launch and very thankful for the big support from everybody. Other artists can be seen there too such as Candy AF, The Jade Sisters, Atama, Obie KKFM DJ, ReyNizam and Harlod, AlvinMY (MC for that night), Syoknya Bayu (Channel 108, TVi) presenter Enn and more. Daily Express Media Press are also there.

After the launch at 1Borneo. Kaamatan is just around the corner so OA took the opportunity to open a booth at KDCA together with Ridah and Appy. For 3 Days and Nights OA has been at the booth performing and promoting their album. Many has come to support OA, it was a moment that they will never forget :)

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