March 13, 2009

OMG! What happened?!

It was a rainy night as usual, me in my room in front of my pc surfing the net And as always everyday and night my cat will make so much noise with his "meow-ing", which always drives people at home crazyyyy. So back to where i was, i was chatting with my friend then my cat "meow-ed" in my room like he was calling me. so i turned to find him....

...and there he was. i was like "Astagaaaaaaa!!!! 3GGGG!!!...."
i carried him out my room to the living room,saw my mum was surfing the net too. quickly i said 'Mum,tingu 3G... dia pgi main sna longkang lagi.."(yes,it was not his first time),my mum looked and then she laughed and said "apa punya kucing ni?! capat kasi mandi dia."
3G smells so baddddd,bau longkang. before we could clean him up,he keeps on running into my room hiding under my study table. but we did cleaned him up,while cleaning him up we saw that he got into a fight AGAIN. maybe that's why he's so dirty,haiyaaa. sudah la gay cat,suka cari gaduh pula. my mum scolded 3G,then 3G ran back to my room and hide under the table again. he dried himself up and went to sleep didn't came out from under the table until the next day. making noise all over again.

March 11, 2009

March 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Mum!

Happy Birthday Mummy! Have a wonderful Birthday! I Love You Mum...

March 2, 2009


When i was at my teen age(gosh! i'm NOT a teenager nemore). i Love writing down my feelings on a piece of paper,some i throw away some i just kept somewhere people can't find. So i was cleaning up my room this afternoon and stumbled upon so many papers and books that i've written down my feelings on. Some funny memories build up, some sad memories and some are just silly things that i wrote when i was in highschool.

Well,there's this note that really captured me. I myself was shocked that i wrote something that has a deep meaning to it. There's no date on it,but i know that i wrote this when i was in highschool. And it goes like this....

"Life's one thing i can never understand, people say that life is in our hands. I have been trying to run away from it, but i think i have not moved an inch. Sometimes i think of killing myself. I thought that this way would really help, it was then i started to realize. I really should go on with my life, many people say i'm insane. But do they know how deep is my pain? I'm only human. I have feelings too, but do these people really have a clue? Do my friends really understand me? Or do they only believe what their eyes can see? Am i being true to all of them? Or am i just using them??

It's hard to love a person that shouldn't love, you know its wrong but you keep going on. Until your heart breaks and your head aches, until everything seems like a big mistake. It's hard to give your love to someone who doesn't returns it, cause you'll get sadness instead. And your world becomes black with no colours for you to see, with no happiness for you to cherish. It's hard to express your feelings to the one you love, cause you're scared they'd down your love. But loving a person doesn't need a lot of reason, as long as u know that they are really.. really important."