August 7, 2012

Journey of Orkes Akiuku on April

And its April! Here are some activity that OA had done for April :) OA had a second Music Video Shoot for Save Our Culture and shoot has been done in various places in KK such as Double Six, Gaya Street, Tanjung Lipat, Atkinson Tower, Yayasan Sabah Tower and Kundasang. Here's the finished video! Enjoy :)

Other than that we have been performing at my University that is at UniRazak Kota Kinabalu. Here are some of the performance we made for month April.

Usually performance done at UniRazak are for the students events that they made for a subject of theirs. Since i'm one of the students there, might as well give a hand on entertaining the students there and helping them out :)


  1. DPN2 trip artis ssh juga klau trlalu trip ni xkemna xpergi jauhhlaa