August 6, 2012

Journey of Orkes Akiuku on February

Right so, after the Street Jamm on January 2012 event was held. Not much event was going on the month of Jan, then comes the month of February. First event was a picnic gathering with the Orkes Akiuku family at Tanjung Aru Beach 2. Had a BBQ and potluck with friends and family, fun day hanging out jamming and singing. Check out some pics of how fun it was :P

After the Potluck Picnic.We were involved with the Bonding with the street event, to remind and relive about the history of Gaya Street when it was back when i wasn't born again. No picture was taken, but we made a video with one of the organizer Anne and KK's very own power vocal Julie. This song was made on the same day the video was shot :)

Next was an Open Mic at CHINGU, Waterfront. Organized by Bandwidth Magazine. An open mic is for anyone who wants to come and just perform a song for the audience, its open to all. Orkes Akiuku was invited to be the guest performers along with other known artists.

Then comes to the end of month february's event that is the SKMM event at Gaya Street and Johnathan Tse Album Launch at Party Play, Lintas :)

And that's the end of the month of February :)

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