August 6, 2012

Hello You!!

After reading my sister's updated blog i suddenly have the urge to start blogging again. aaaannndddd I'm Back! hahaha ^_^ well to start off a new post i'll update some bits on the group Orkes Akiuku of what their journey has been in the last 7 months.

My previous post shows that Orkes Akiuku had made a Ukulele Street Jamm at Tanjung Aru Beach, gathering people from all over KK and outside of KK. It was an awesome day! After the street jamm event, a lot has happen from their very first Mini Album Launching to The Sunset Music Fest at Kudat. Loads of fun and exciting event has been held and i'm very excited to share to all of you :)

i don't have an excited face pic. so i'm using my niece's happy face instead. Haha! :D

1 comment:

  1. hi mindut! glad i inspired you to update your blog hahahah, sebb me pun lamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa sudah tidak update, almost 1 year, last post was wishing everybody selamat hari raya..hahah, punyalah pemalas me.
    now fund out another way to blog guna aapp dlm iphone!..ko download la mindut siok!! oppss..lupa ko pakai BB pula hheheheh, ipad pun buli bah, pi download FREE! :P