January 30, 2009

I Can't Believe It!!!!

I'm at 1Borneo now,sitting down at McD with my laptop. Two of my friends(Ezat&Dol) joined AF audition today so i kinda accompany them la. Anyways,what i wanted to talk about is about my audition yesterday(30th Jan 2009,FRIDAY). The night before the audition i went home late,cause i went to my friends CNY open house at Luyang. Around 12 i got back,i straight away went to sleep,to get enuf rest for my audition day. But sadly i can't sleep! my eyes were closed,but my mind is still thinking about the audition and the song that im suppose to sing is still playing in my head non stop.

Then the morning comes,i woke up at 7am. i wanted to borrow my mums car,so i have to send them to work early in the morning. then back at my house,i took my shower make myself look beautiful(haha!) and get ready for the 'BIG DAY'. at 9am i went to fetch my friend at his house,One of my friend Dol(yes same guy who join the audition today) is joining the audition with me too. We left the house at around 10.30am,went to fetch my other friend at Tg.Aru and waited like 1hour for him to get ready,but it was worth the wait because it made me calm down a bit. So 11.30am off we go to 1Borneo! reach 1Borneo at about 12.30pm,the registration was at the South Atrium Lower Ground Floor.

There were not many people there yet since it was a weekday,but it did freaked me out for a while because we saw a stage being set up in front of crowds,so i thought i'm gonna be dead if i perform in front of a big live audience. But i just made myself brave with the support form my family & friends,somehow my 'semangat' to go on are strong. of course there's time i was like "sia nda mau ikut laa! Mari pulang!" but yeah,there's no turning back already. i was already seaten at the waiitng place for contestants to take turns. I was contestant number 0294.

There were almost 400 contestant that day,lucky we were a bit early. So the audition had 4stages. 1st stage they will gather around 20 people and bring them to this one big room,with two people seating in front of a table(the judges). One of them looked familiar,but i don't know his name. there's no microphone no music and all,just to of the judges,you and the other 19 contestant. So while waiting for my turn my friend dol was number 0293,so i was after him. it was his turn,he sang Josh Groban-You Raise Me Up. Sadly he didn't go through 1st round(that's why he join lagi today).

Then it was my turn,the judges called my name,i stood in front of them. Then one of the judge said "canthek name" i just smiled. Then they asked me about my photo(the photo aunt Doris take that,yg ada d FB) they said it was beautiful picture and wasked where was it taken,i told them it was taken at KDCA la. Then they asked me to sing,i sang Karma by Cokelat,i was sooooo nervous that i forgot the lyrics,i just sang the first verse. then they just laughed and one of the judge said he like my tone of voice so he told me to sing another song,i sang How Do I Live by Leann Rhymes. Then they both were smiling,they said that im a good singer but i just have to lose the nervous feeling because at 2nd stage is more scary. i said okay,i can do this i wanna try. then i got thru the 1st round.

Then after 12people got thru the first round they took us to the top floor of 1Borneo where there was this BIG HUGE Ballroom,with cameras and Astro Crews there(all guys,Gila bah sikit mau pingsan). This time there were microphones but singing without music. The judge this time was Nurul and there's this guy(i xtaw nama,tp femes jg la). i was the 3rd person to sing,the 2people before me didn't get to the next stage. But they were good,seriously good. i was shocked they didn't get it,so it was my turn i sang the same song Karma. they asked me to sing a ballad song i sang How Do I Live,when i sang How Do I Live there let me sing for a long time,the song almost mau habis suda baru nurul said thank you and she put up the green card. in my heart i was like "WAAAAAAAAA!!!! I DAPATTTT!!! OMG!!!" they all clapped for me,and me with my wide smile went out to the room and went to the next stage.

The 3rd stage was at the end of the place. Now 3rd stage is where a lot of people didn't get in,because 3rd stage is the dancing part(OMG,I was freaking out). There were 3 judges,all famous ppl but i xtaw nama dorg,lupa suda. hahaha. Insde the room there is a TV where they see you if you look good opn TV or not. first they asked me to sing then they put on a song and asked me to dance. i danced like crazy,i danced like i've never danced before. hahaha. it was so embarrasing,there were crew people there too(all guys juga). before they told me to just give it all,nvm if its embarrasing just dance. so i did,then asked me ques like why i wanted to join AF,i answered so that i can learn more and expand my interest in music and singing and performing. Then they test my hearing and vocal where they press a tune from a piano and i have to follow that tune. Then i don't really remember what happened but i got th green card AGAIN. Once again i was so shocked but at the same time sooooo HAPPY,i shook hand with them then went to the 4th stage,the interview part.

In stage 4 there they just interview you about your life and i have to fill in a 13 page of form that asks you question that you never would think of asking yourself. hahaha. like your mum or dads favourite song,your favourite food drink dessert,etc. favourite author,favourite film director,which artist u wanna go out to dinner with,which artist u wanna giv presents,what fashion style u like and all lah(BANYAK SANGAT). it took me almost 2hours to finish,i haven't eaten the whole day,i only drank water,i got a very bad headache and is so very2 tired.

All of that chaotic day ends at 12am. Reached home i took my shower tell my very interesting stories to my mum and dad who was not asleep yet,then i went to bed. and today i woke up happy and being more confident in myself,knun2 rasa mcm artis suda laa. hahaha. i can't wait to watch the AF audition on TV,i hope i don't look silly in it. haha,wish me luck! because there's another level to go before being a 'pelajar AF',there's still the Peringkat Separuh Akhir where who was chosen will get in a camp,Music Camp. and from there they will choose who will go to the finals(the Diary AF we always see on TV tu finals la tu).


  1. weeeeeeeeee..... yay! congrats congrats! naa kaan.. told u u'll be fine!

  2. my sis told me abt u. so yayy.. congrats 4 making thru the day.. i actually had to resort bribing a younger sis of mine RM1k to audition.. but im guessing even money doesnt do the job.. hahah.. well.. u go girl.. i hope u make it. and i'll try to afundi u as much as i can.. heheh

  3. congrats mandy!!u done a great job.thnx god too !!anywy..cam besa la kan..im ur 1st fanz!!hahaha..trlbih sudah!!ahaks..nvm..ill follow ur latest news k..dnt frget me!!!go go gurl..

  4. yeahh!! Thanks for your support...
    appreciate it a lot!
    i still can't believe i made to 4th stage..
    Thank you...

  5. OMigosh..you know i was so suprise and excited when mom told me u got through till stage 3, sia pula over excited. im so glad you join the audition, it gives you some new level of confident, and to get to sing to nurul and the other malaysian artists thats even better! whn u told me got manage to go trhough to stage 4 waahhhh..i laughing by myself n my room syok sendiri pula. anyway, words of advice if didn't get through don't worry and don't give up its' part of being successful, love you!

  6. mandy.. berapa stage have to go thru o... ?? eeee so nice if they have the one in a million...eh.. apa sudah tu.. yg si jaclyn jac joined tu... sioknya... wahh...

  7. Congrats! I was so happy gobuk when your mum sms me you limpas the 3rd stage tambah apalagi when limpas also 4th stage! Way to go girl!!

    Remember our new year gathering? at least you've been practise oredi meeting the judges! lolsssssss

    ps : i wonder what you write on your mum and dad fav song! hehe

  8. Congrates mandy.. nahkan ko bleh buat tu..
    nway good luck utk separuh akhir.. mudah2 ko dapat :)

  9. vsk : there's 4stages... hehe,one in a million's audition suda limpas... dats why nmpk af,try only lah..

    Dolly : hehehe,thanks aunty.. yabha,practice suda ni.. nasib okay oh... i sms mum tis tnya wats their fav song,hahaha..

    Dodon : Thanks ya for ur support! =)

  10. wahhh... kau sudah limpas 4stages.. meaning now.. you waiting for them to apa la ni... the surprise surprise thingy?? make sure everyday u dress up.. hihihi... bida o nanti... =P

  11. vsk : butul oo, bida nanti masuk tv! lol

  12. ya bah... masuk tv ba tu... and then kan.. jan kasi terlampau pekat tu slang ah.. lol... macam si anu tu.. yg sana tamparuli.. eisehmen... manada 'pokok kalapak' kan..?

    haii... mandy... sia yang terover excited o...

  13. hahaha,yup2...
    waiitng for that "kezutan" thingy la ni...
    tu laa,just incase kan...
    pakai lawa2 sikit this..
    malu nnt if pakai baju rmh jak,hehehe...

    iya,ada mummy said jgn tlmpau cntrol tu slang..
    buat mcm biasa ja,hehehe...

  14. hehehe....
    semua org over excited suda...
    my friends pun smua excited this...
    i pula relax cja,hehe..

  15. Congrats girl. me excited to take your pic on stage pula.. all the best ya. and thanks for using that pic. you always look great no matter how you pose and what u wear.