January 27, 2009

Getting Close

Waaaahhh..... the audition for AF is getting close.... and i'm still relaxing and dreaming... i try not to think too much about it,because if i do. I freaked out! It's this friday. OMG.... it's getting close. i have a job interview at SDB this thursday,and i'm not even worried about that. i'm only thinking about the audition. I just hope i do well,and don't get too nervous. Other than singing,i was thinking they would ask me to dance right?? like the previous AF,they were asked to dance. I DON'T KNOW HOW TO DANCE! Warghhhh!!!.... Mayb i should just dance the POCO-POCO. hahaha.. i would look silly on TV.. Will post about the audition day later this friday lah..

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