August 7, 2012

Journey of Orkes Akiuku on July

To start the July event, OA were invited to perform for SKMM Dinner at Pan Pacific Sutera Harbour. The theme colour for the event was White and Pink. So everybody are being told to wear clothes coloured white and pink, even the boys have to wear pink :)

After the dinner on the 4th July 2012. OA has been invited to be guest performer for the Tweet Up KK Open Mic at  Party Play, Lintas. OA wasn't performing together, instead they were put in groups. The girls of OA Pija, Kaetyng and Mandy were in one group and there's Averil and Jboy another group performing Ukulele Instrumental.

On the 7th July 2012, the 7K Sunset Charity Run was held at Sutera Harbour and OA are invited to perform there too. Together with various local artist and also Aliff Aziz an artist from Singapore. It was one of the best performance ever, because of the sound system being superly awesome, the crowd was so amazing and we had so much fun!

Photo Credit to Neyra 'Qdnez and Sutera Harbour

On the 28th July 2012, OA has joined in the fun for the Borneo Train Ride to Beaufort. Thanks to Caroline Manson to invite OA to perform some songs in the train and at Beaufort Train Station. It is also a time to promote our CD's to people at Beaufort as well as in the train :)

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