August 18, 2011

My New Wallpaper

It has been 10years since i've changed my posters on the wall. With posters of old pop stars like Jessica Simpsons, Hillary Duff, Stacie Orrico, Simple Plan, Good Charlotte, Ayumi Hamasaki and more. I've thrown all that out and replaced it with new posters. OBEY Giant Posters, My ULTIMATE FAVOURITE brand! And here's how it looks like. Ngee..

And that's only one side of my room. The other side? Not completed yet. Will update it when the posters are printed already. Huahuahua! i LOVE my room ^_^


  1. Hahah itu ayumi hamasaki still thr. Nice wall paper..paning sia tgk but nice la . Ngam la tu buang lama

  2. hahaha! itu Namie Amuro la.. not Ayumi Hamasaki. hehe. yah mmg sengaja kasi nmpk semak. hihi