August 22, 2011

Moved On

Sometimes it sucks being strong. Because when people know that u are strong, they think that it is okay to hurt you, over and over again. The minute you decided that I wasn’t worth the truth was the minute you decided to break my heart. It hurts so much, knowing that you can see me trying so hard to grab your attention, and you won't even do anything about it. A lie is still a lie, regardless of the reason behind it. You can say you did it for a good cause but the point is, you still did it. You can't keep playing with someone's feeling just because you're unsure of yours. I know change can be scary, but it's part of growing up. It's how we find out who we are and who we're gonna be. You said you miss me. You said you love me. You said you want me. You promised you would change. Yet you're still chasing after her. So don't you dare come running back to me when she treats you the exact same way you treated me . Start from tonight, I'll live my life, won't regret anything I've left behind and move on :)

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