August 17, 2011

Its been awhile...

Hey.. It's been awhile. Never had time to update my blog. Always busy, plus i always forget that i have a blog. LOL. anyhoo.. Story for today. Went shopping with my two Bestie Qila & Awie!! Awesome day out! And here are some picts of what i bought. Hoho.

Shopping Spot
Cotton On (1Borneo)
F.O.S (1Borneo)
Brands Outlet (Suria Sabah)
Times Bookstore (Suria Sabah)

Shopping partner my two bestfriends Qila & Awie


  1. Nice tu baju biru. Indut itu short pants kombah yg sedang pakai is it what i think it is?...

  2. hahaha! errr,yes it is.. hihihi :D sbb if dia pnjg me x pakai jugaa.. longgar kan. hoho