December 4, 2010

Something in my mind..

Felt so lonely.
Eventhough i have my family and friends with me.
Lonely because i never get to call you mine anymore.
You said you'd stay, but i know you won't.
We've been together for too long.
Too long that made me feel like this for you.
I hate you for leaving now.
When i'm vulnerable and fragile.
I don't think i can believe in love anymore.

Love crushes what you believe in.
Love change people.
Love is just a feeling.
Love makes you put others first rather than yourself.
Love makes you sacrifice a lot.
Love makes you do stupid things.
Love makes us worry too much.
Love makes us blind.
Love breaks peoples heart.
Love comes easy, yet hard to let go.
Love Sucks when you get hurt.

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