January 22, 2009

Should I?? Shouldn't I??

Heyy heyy.....
The next AKADEMI FANTASIA 7 Audition is coming to KK on 30th and 31st of January 2009
at 1Borneo South Atrium. I'm thinking of joining it,or shouldn't i?

I get stage frights and gets very very very nervous singing in front of people. UNLESS it's karaoke lah,since you won't have to worry about forgetting the lyrics. hehehe. Friends giving me much support on joining it,they think i can do it(can i??). My Mum also gives me support on me joining it. I guess i just don't have the confidence yet,still i'm practicing the songs that are asked to be sang on the audition. You can't choose your own song,they have their own list of songs for you to choose from. Here's the List:

No One - Alicia Keys (R&B)
Kalis Rindu - Elyana (R&B)
Dikir Puteri - Noraniza Idris (Irama Malaysia)
Karma - Cokelat (Pop)
Tari Silat Melayu - Aisyah (Irama Malaysia)

Not much right?? Huhu. I chose Karma by Cokelat,That's an Indonesian band. If you want to know how the song goes, search it on YOUTUBE. At first i wanted to sing Kalis Rindu by Elyana,but i just want to try something new. It's okay though,i still practice that song just incase. Now still struggling on memorizing the lyrics,pening2. hehehe. I'm praticing other songs also,mana la tau they ask me to sing my favourite song kan. So now i'm just singing any songs that i know and im good at. huhuhu.

Hope i don't run off when its near the audition date already. hahaha. Wish me LUCK!
and hope i won't make a fool of myself on the audition. waaa...


  1. Good Luck Lady..
    don't worry you can do it!..
    Tuah ayam nampak di kaki, tuah orang siapa tau kan.. :)
    i'll vote you nanti... :p

  2. We also vote for u,girl! Siap tubuhkan fan club lagi...

  3. hello mandy... me passing by here since ur mom is in my list..

    wahh... A.Fantasia yo... if you think you can.. then sure can one.. ill definitely vote for you..

  4. hehehe...
    thanks all for your support! =)
    i'll do my best!!...

  5. waaahhh..you go gurl...we all support all the way!! make sabahan proud. i siap beli prepaid and undi you!!

  6. mandy!!!u can do it lah..kan ad dah ckp dah,sore mandy sdap..go go gurl!!ill support u...